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That may be the reason I have so many messages! I though that someone new had found my gallery and went on a faving spree (which has happened and there's nothing wrong with that!).

Thank you very much to :iconrainylake: for suggesting the DD and :iconanoya: for featuring the cute little gerenuk. 
Gerenuk Stitch by DeeOtter
This feature is also pretty special because his father Woody passed away last month. The males don't play much of a role in the upbringing of the young, but they would hang out together from time to time (when Woody wasn't bugging Stitch's mom to make more babies that is).

This really means a lot to me because it gets this species more exposure. Too many times I visit exhibits that feature ungulates and most people just pass by saying 'it's just a deer.' They're sooo much more! The biggest difference is that deer have antlers (which drop every year) and antelopes (like gerenuks) have horns which are permanent structures. And some antelope have REALLY awesome horns (some species have male and females with horns, with the males usually having the more elaborate horns). And they have pretty neat behaviors, like the gerenuk featured above can stand on their hind legs to reach leaves on a tree (they can do this as kids too).

So next time you are visiting a zoo (or are lucky enough to go on a safari somewhere!) don't overlook the hoofed critters! Get to know them and you may learn something new and maybe appreciate them a bit more. 

Stitch is probably a bit bigger by now, and hopefully this spring I'll have updated pictures of him! 
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The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) is holding a contest for their new T-Shirt design featuring VULTURES! Entries are accepted through May 31st! More information can be found here.
Help spread the word, and maybe your art can be featured on an awesome T-shirt!

Spring semester is almost over. Finally. I haven't been doing as well as I hoped. I thought it would be a breeze (except for Plant class) but it turns out I'm pretty much doing average overall, nothing super exceptional (yes this includes the bird class. I did really bad on two exams...). Next semester (Fall not summer) is going to suck 100% because the classes are going to be really hard. So I may disappear for a few months while I hurry up and finish classes.

Haven't seen too many migrants yet. Heard a ruby-crowned kinglet, loons are back, a few waterfowl may be migrating through as well as cranes and a couple of pelicans. Crows & magpies and chickadees are starting to nest and the woodpeckers are going nuts with calling and dumming all over the place.

Anyway, here's a feature since it's been a while.

Likeable by PhototubbyBran by KettleQuillMinistry of silly walks by TiennaShyness in the woods by slumbrousGerenuk by McProbius
Bearded Eye Contact by LinRuPhotographyRhyticeros undulatus by harpyjaThunderous Tides by NambrothPalm Fetishist by Nikki-vdpMagpie by Pencilpastel
Brown Creeper by GarryKirschMid-day Catch by windfalconGetting Comfortable by robbobert
So I bought this acrylic medium (soft gel) and I've been wondering what the heck I can use it for.
I attempted to use it to try and do image transfer onto canvas in a DIY canvas print, but it doesn't work... (maybe I have the wrong gel or I need a laser printer and I only have an ink jet...)
So I have about 98% of the stuff left..and I don't know what I can do with it.

Any ideas?
I finally picked the bird! There were ~75 to pick from, so they all got mixed up into a hat.
And the bird I will be doing is the wreathed hornbill! 

edit: yay! Thanks for all of the responces! I'll be putting all of the suggested birds, plus ones that weren't mentioned that I've been thinking about into a pool and I will pick only one! No re picks! 

So there is an extra credit opportunity being offered in my ornithology class where the students pick a bird, ANY BIRD, and talk about it for about three minutes. The exercise is mostly just to get students up and talking fluently in front of a possible group. So I figured why not, I'll need the extra credit. I suck at taking exams apparently and haven't been doing as well as I thought I would...I'm still miffed that I screwed up scapula, coracoid bar and clavicle during the first exam... I know what and where they are, I just put them down in the wrong damn spot. 


Comment on this journal with a bird species. It can be any species from ANYWHERE. I'll be putting together a bunch of names, sticking all of the names in a pile, and picking one at random.

There are too many birds that I want to talk about, so that's why I'm doing this!

Comment away! 
Kinda wish I would know about this before hand so I can make this obnoxious journals earlier.
I do offer a few prints through DA, if you'd like to save a bit and still support me, these sales are a good time to do so.
And if I can ever get my lazy butt in gear I'm going to put some overstock prints matted ready to be shipped on my Etsy, as well as some of the little crafty things I've made.
Okay, so in the process of attempting to register my DS and stuff in order to get a free download of one of the pokemon game things, I ended up formatting my DS. So I lost any friends I had added!
And it looks like my code changed.

So here is the NEW code I have : 0576-5633-4253, Name should be Otter, I think.

Only have two games which are Animal Crossing and both the pokemon games now (so I guess that does make 3 technically). 

This may be some of the last few months I'll be able to have such free time. Starting to register for classes, the goal is FIVE 400 level classes at three credits each. This will come to bite me in the ass if I can't manage my time... I'm still waiting on two classes, one should have an okay but I'm not registered for it and I've heard nothing about another class.
Is it cold hearted of me to not cry when a family member dies (none recently), but to be bawling your eyes out when a zoo animal that you know of dies (too many recently).

Nicole (aka Nikki) the zoo's female Amur tiger passed away this afternoon after she had a seizure. It must have happened on exhibit because visitors were escorted away from the Tiger Plaza. Vets won't know what caused the seizure for a while. I don't think I'll ever know because I'm not very good at finding out why/seeing the necropsy reports. 

I'm pretty heartbroken. Nik & Mik (brother Mikhail) are two of my favorite tigers. Nik was another tiger who I was able to have 'chuffing conversations' with. And I got to make some enrichment items for them/deliver snow. 

This is already a difficult year, and I don't think it's going to get any easier. 

Here are pictures that I've managed to upload of Nik (and some with her brother in it too, Nikki was always the boss until Mik just used his size against her)

Tiger stretch by DeeOtterTiger stinky face by DeeOtterSunsplotched by DeeOtterMy rock by DeeOtterTiger Tussle by DeeOtter
Tiger head bump by DeeOtterTiger Headbump by DeeOtterBirthday Twins by DeeOtter (seriously, headbumping was a thing they did.)
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So I had spring break two weeks ago.

What happened during that time?

Oregon and California were visited, both with pretty short visits because, well, driving. 

holy crap this is a long one, scroll to the bottom to see the TLDR version

The Oregon Zoo was visited. The condor exhibit is coming along nicely and they MIGHT actually open it on time which is set around the end of May (24th I think). There are six lions all living together, mom and cubs, dad and another female. Poor Zawadi is stuck with a bunch of girls. But they all get along really well. I'm still amazed they managed cubs because Z was such a chicken for the first year or two. Eddie & Thelma the sea otters are still adorable. With the recent deaths of zoo critters that I know, I made sure to spend extra time with these two. I'm going to be a wreck when either one of these two (Thelma especially) pass on. I think they're around 16 years old or will be 16 this year. Continuing with otters I did managed to see baby ZigZag sleeping with mom in the den. He's just about as big as she is.

And something pretty awesome happened when I took a friend to the zoo as just sort of a thing to do. We went to visit Inji the orangutan and my friend happened to bring her purse with her and all of the things in it. For those of you that know Inji, she likes to see what people have in their bags. I've emptied my camera bag for her many times when she was already down by the window in their old exhibit. But she was in the middle of the indoor exhibit and I told my friend to put her purse down. Amazingly, Inji came down and sat by the window in front of us. I had never been able to actually get her to come down. I met a few other visitors that know of Inji's adorable habit, which is awesome. There was one parent that scoffed at us because 'someone took too long at the viewing window in front of the monkey so I couldn't get a picture of my kids with her' That's because we started to pack up the purse to let other people have a chance to do the same.  But oh well, it was still awesome. But I did almost start crying because the exhibit looks sooo empty with only one orangutan.... I don't know if the zoo will get more (I'd imagine they would, but not sure when).

ANYWAY on with the trip!

Ridefield was visited. More goofy heron pictures were taken. No otters this time. Well, no RIVER otters.

Because SEA otters were seen! Though not as many as I've seen in previous years. No huge rafts of otters were seen. One individual was seen by the boats (where I had seen two otters getting it on, on my first visit) two were on the beach, a few otters were scattered in the bay when we visited Monterey bay and there was also a mom and pup. Didn't get the amazing looks that some people got a few weeks ago when there was a little family super close in the bay. But they were still pretty cute.

Monterey bay AQUARIUM was FINALLY visited! And I thought I would spend all day taking pictures of there otters!


Their viewing glass is REALLY BAD for taking pictures! So I did not take very many pictures. But I did watch the otters for quite a while because they're super adorable. Next time I go, I will have to beg and throw money at people to go up above the otter exhibit and get pictures (which their staff photographer probably does). But the rest of the aquarium was pretty nice. There were penguins, nudibranches, cuddle fishes, a sunfish (which is one of the weirdest freaking looking fishes in the world. I made my boyfriend get a pillow of one :D ) Lots of fishes, spent a lot of time at the bay overlooks. Though I did miss out on the tentacles exhibit which opens in April. Also Jellyfish are awesome. 

The San Francisco and Oakland zoo were also visited. Mostly got bird pictures (sadly no hornbill pictures except for I think a great hornbill). Pictures will slowly make their way onto the gallery thingy. The Marabou storks at the SFZ may be on a nest. omg I want to see baby storks!! I got some neat pictures of the Oakland Zoo's giant fuzzy adorable bats, and a really cool looking tree monitor lizard (I think I've seen blue, green and now black ones).

The remainder of California got me to see a few shorebirds (I think we may have gone a bit early to see oodles of shorebirds) sadly no brown pelicans. two new bird species, a surfbird and a black turnstone, weird tasting food (fermented tea leave are actually pretty tasty) three species of cormorants turkey vultures (saw those in oregon too) jackrabbits, meadowlarks, Savannah sparrows, and bald eagles are now called mayo butts.... 

Also visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport and got myself a turkey vulture painting! Otters were also seen, so were shorebirds. The remainder of the coast got me the chance to see lots of gulls, a peregrine falcon zooming over a BUNCH of murres, not too many shorebirds, and a near death experience. Harlequin ducks were found, and where two were sitting on the tide happened to be in an accessible area. The beach was made of super smooth cobblestone, so when you step on it you SLIDE DOWN THE SIDE! Also sharp rocks. But it was worth it. Yay

I think that's about everything. I may have missed a point here and there. But that's the gist of it.

This weekend was not as great. I had to be around a bunch of people. It was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Which is awesome. What is not awesome for me is being in a room with 30+ people. That was only like half of the ammount of people that could have been there. I get REALLY overwhelmed when I'm in a large group, even if they're related to me.

I spent 99.9% of my time sitting and not talking to anybody because..well nobody really talks to me. And I'm bad at starting conversations because I'm the black sheep of the family and my interestes do not apply to theirs. 
This is kinda how a conversation goes.

Family Member: School?
Me: Okay. Biology classes, want to be done now.
FM: Okay, ..uh weather?
Me: It's Montana. there's snow.


Family: Kids?
Me: No...


Me: Birds?
Family: No..


Family: Religion?
Me: No.

Family: No.

Yeah that's kinda how it goes. There's no interest really. Even the other members that do photo stuff, they do portrait stuff so really nothing to talk about there. Also 60% of the time they get my name wrong. Shows how memorable I am if you have to go through 1-4 names to get to MY name. 
So yeah I had to leave when I was finished eating because  I was about ready to have a panic attack. YAY. Also needed a drink, but I'd be hard pressed to find one in Utah. 
It was good to see my  mom and uncle and grandparents again (it's been a few months since I had seen my grandparents) But I'm not super close to the other members of the family. 

The semester is also winding down and I get to register for this fall tomorrow. Yay.

I saw lots of stuff over spring break. Saw 3 new birds and only a few otters. Will post pictures eventually. Paranoid that more animals I know are going to die this year.... Spent too much time with too many people, even if they're related to me.</b>
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I've been mulling it over for a while now.
I really don't make much from the DA prints. I have no idea how much most people make when they offer prints here. But I'd like to start making something from selling prints. And it may sound greedy but I think I'd like more profit than what DA is offering. Traveling is getting expensive and I am in need of replacing some gear and I would like to continue to take pictures and share them with everyone. 
So I spaced out and didn't remember to set a profit price on the DA prints, so I'm pretty sure I missed out on a few sales. So the DA prices will be going up soon-ish.
I may also try getting a booth at a local farmer's market when it starts up this spring. Maybe. I feel like I'm butting in since there's already someone there who sells prints... Hopefully I can offer different prints. Maybe. Or I may make a limited selection.

Anyway, the biggest thing is that I'll be needing to renew memberships to a few zoos and replace gear (camera body and batteries soon, they're not holding a charge very well) and I'd like to get an underwater camera, but that'll be later on the list until I get the other things. 

And holy crap the semester is ALMOST over....just a month and a half or so...YAYYY!!!!! I'm so done with plants ._. and genetics too, the exams are kind of kicking my ass for some reason, which is lame. 

Also I have spring allergies and I feel like scratching my eyes out. Damn it Oregon, I thought we were friends! 

Anyway, here's some neat stuff for the features!

<da:thumb id="434938977"/>Red-winged Laughingthrush by GreenEyedG0ddessPlaying Otters IV by NicoFroehbergPerching Owl by AlesGola
038 by Les-PiccoloSibling Rivalry 1 by Jack-13Otters by brijomeSkull-Faced Caterpillar by melvynyeo
wool birds by kiriOkamiVulture by GW-Photography
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It seems to be a monthly thing where a zoo animal that I know passes away either due to age or illness.
I don't WANT this to be a monthly thing. I know death happens, but it seems like it's happening all at once. 

A gerenuk at the Denver zoo named Woody passed away on March first following an attempt to surgically fix his intestines that were tangled. He passed away due to shock. I had the pleasure of meeting Woody after one of his keepers saw his picture that I posted to the zoo's Facebook page. I got to go behind the scenes at the hoofstock area and I got to feed him some sweet potatoes. The're so tiny up close! He is survived by two offspring, a daughter named Blossom and a son named Stitch.  

Having so many animals that I either know of or have gotten to know pass away won't stop me from visiting zoos or stop me from attempting to make such connections. It does add a little paranoia to me, like, is this the last time I'm going to get the chance to see you? 

Also people who comment that zoo animals are better off dead can go fuck themselves. And please don't fuck any other human because the world doesn't need people like you. Fucking put your sorry ass to use if you don't want to see animals in captivity anymore. For fuck's sake some keepers consider the animals that they care for part of their family. 

Spring break is also coming up for me, hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it. Pictures will surely come. Just as long as I don't somehow end up with my camera in the ocean.
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So I've managed to obtain two pokemon that have the PokeRus virus....thingy....

Anyway I know it's a thing with the EV, TV...thingies. And I was going to offer them up for trade to any watchers first before giving them to some random person. If anybody is interested.

I'm not much for the IV,Ev...stuff, because I don't have the time or energy for it.
So I have no idea what I'd want in a trade for them. The only thing I can think of is the Charizard X megastone thingy, because I have Y and don't have the X stone. But that may be asking too much for what I'm offering. I duno.

There is one Tyrunt and one Larvitar. 
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Seed & Plant ID is kinda killing me now. I'm always the last one out of lab and it makes me feel like I'm the slowest one and that I'm not getting everything. I think I'm doing ok on exams and quizzes (I just can't remember species names for the life of me). 

I haven't really gone outside much, mostly due to leg still being a pain in the ass (I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to have to suck it up) and it has been colder than I'd like it to be for taking the camera outside. Last time I went out I did find some robins hanging out in the berry bushes and a Townsend's solitaire.  Also I am not going to get a camera upgrade for a bit, maybe. The 5200 seemed like a good idea, but the image size got quite a bit bigger which slows down the buffer speed (I can't remember the technical terms) but basically it doesn't take the amount of pictures that I'd like it to in burst mode. So I may end up with a 5300. 

Not much else to say, other than spring break is in a week and a half. So maybe I'll go somewhere warmer so I'm not worried about my camera turning into an ice block.

So here are some neat pictures!
pesquet's parrot by FeridwynBlue and Bald is Beautiful! by SilkenWinds014r by Placi12012-04-11 037 Thanda MGF-Edit by SageDufraine
SMILE EVERYONE!!! by KDizzle90Kakapo by shanskalababy sea  otter and barnacles, Intertidal High-5 by PsithyrusGarrulus glandarius by JMrocekGreat Crested Grebe Parenting by Marmot-of-Doom
What The ....! by TrichardsenEastern Spinebill by strictfunctorSnowy owl - The look by JestePhotographyAdventures and Barely Scraping By by PonderosaPowerVulture Love by ThisWomanWanders

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So I was curious to see where I stand on my frame count on my current camera body.

I hit 301,000 pictures during my last trip to Yellowstone! I think the camera is only rated for around 100,000 maybe 150,000 pictures. I'm amazed the camera is still alive. I've been getting a few more errors (fixed by turning the camera on and off) and the lens is having some issues where it likes to go in and out of focus like it's trying to focus on something. 

And yeah that's about everything. Not much has been happening. Exams are next week....yay....ehhhhh.........
I did find a video clip that everyone needs to see
This is the Temminck's tragopan mating display.… The first 40ish seconds are the most intersting. It was a clip that was featured on BBC's Life of Birds. I think it's hilarious. 

Edit:Wait there's one more! This Sandpiper!…

And here's some neat stuff that I've been finding.
Ol' Blue Eyes by Guard-of-the-CitadelI Has a Pink Tongue by KDizzle90Happy Birthday Andy! by TalonziGBC - Keep It Classic by 16Shokushu.:. We are but a Moment In Time .:. by AdARDurden
Hornbill by CulumacilinteChickadee and Nuthatch by kimrhodesSkiddo variants by twapaServal portrait by Fuz-Caforio-Art
Chickadee-Dee-Dee by charliesmyangelHoatzin - a weird bird by mhummelt2014-07 Rex by W0LLESnowy 0127c by GreyVolkWhite Breasted Nuthatch by WisteriaPhotography
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So whenever you hear that an animal is sick at your local zoo, you'd usually want to hear from the zoo about it first, either by Facebook or e-mail or news letter.

But when the media gets to it first, it's just upsetting.

So at the Oregon Zoo, both Rama and Packy have been getting treatment for TB (I also found this out from a news source and not the zoo first hand), apparently Rama had active TB where Packy had dormant TB, for a while...until they did another test and found that Packy also had active TB.

And the news source said that Oregon Zoo officials said that Packy is NOT responding well to treatment. His liver didn't agree with the drugs that he was getting for the TB treatment. So vets are waiting for his liver to return to normal before changing the dose, or switching drugs. 

I was hoping that someone just over reacted to Packy's 'not responding well to medication.' That's what happened when a story was released that one of the two (or both) weren't taking their medication at all. That's because one of the two (or both) were in musth (crazy hormone time for male elephants) and their appetite does go down when they're going through that period of time. But I don't think the liver is supposed to have a negative reaction when they're in musth. 

But both elephants look fine and you couldn't tell that they had TB from just looking at them. And officials still say that zoo visitors are not at risk. 

I would have MUCH rather hear about this from the zoo than a news media source. I know elephants are a touchy subject, especially for Oregon, but STILL! That's not helping.

The zoo has an awesome vet team, and I'm sure they're going to do everything they can to make sure nothing horrible happens.

This is just going to be more fuel for the elephant activists and their attack on the zoo. They're never going to hear the end of it. I have no idea if the zoo will actually have a press release on it or not. 
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So it looks like the little weasel picture that I posted yesterday is a huge hit with everyone!
I came home to about 500 messages, most of them pertaining to said weasel picture! I had no idea the little guy would be so popular. Heck I never imaged I'd end up seeing a weasel in a winter coat (I've seen maybe 3-4 in summer coats)! 

It's been a pretty awesome year for Mustelid sightings this year, starting with the river otter family I saw at the beginning of the year. Seeing a new species for the year would top it off, and it's only the middle of JANUARY! I'm still hoping to find a badger or a pine martin, those are two species I think I have pretty good chances of seeing one of these days. Wolverines and fishers may be a lot harder to find since both of them are pretty rare (and for the wolverine I pretty much have to be on top of a freaking mountain).

Hope everyone is enjoying the pictures. I think my leg is getting better so I'll hopefully be able to do more in-town birding soon! My biggest goal is to get a better variety of magpie pictures to maybe make a magpie calendar (random little goal I know). I have no idea what I'll be doing this year, other than going to school!

Also, here's some more neat stuff that I've been faving over the past few weeks  :D 

.:Flying in the Mist II:. by RHChengKing vulture - updated! by GiganotosaurGray Jay by GarryKirschMetamorphosis 1 by KainMorgenmeerTasmanian Devil by FortySixand2Photos
African Painted Dog by ArathraelLittle Bittern by RichardConstantinoffChesnut-breasted Malkoha by Ciamethroadrunner by Phototubbycinciallegra by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Harris's Hawk by MadinkaClaireCOtter's Nap Time by Momenti-PhotoMorning Snow Geese by bovey-photoEye Shadow by Et-Lexi
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Andy is the resident Andean condor at the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, UT. And today he celebrated his 55th birthday! It was a HUGE turnout compared to last year. I had pretty good elbow room when taking pictures of him opening his presents last year, but this year was pretty squished in around his new exhibit (the area is even bigger than last year too!). There must have been triple the amount of people this year which is awesome! 

And then there was cake for the visitors. And to my surprise, they had a special cake with Andy's picture on it (cutting the cake was a little awkward) and it was one of my pictures too! I wasn't expecting that :P

One of the longest records for condor longevity is 79 years, here's hoping that Andy can see 80 and maybe more! 
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Because nuthatches are pretty awesome and I don't remember if I've done a nuthatch feature yet.
I've seen almost all of the nuthatches that the States have to offer except for the brown-headed nuthatch (which lives over in the southeast, a place I have no idea if I'll ever get to...).
Also it's been super windy here+leg still freaking hurts=not much opportunity to get out and go birding. Most birds are either taking shelter or are going ZOOM as the wind gusts blow past.

So here are some nuthatches!


Nuthatch by Malgorzata-SkibinskaHatcher 8x10 Acrylic Reference from Ptimac by jhull1Sitta europaea by henkeliduuDzilnitis by riksons
Eurasian Nuthatch by JWeber2112Just call my name by plumita1Pygmy Nuthatch by SamuelFCookeBrown-headed Nuthatch by Firepheonix2006
I've Been Spotted by wolf54321Nuthatch by LikeBenjiReadingOvidTwo buddies by A-StampeNut hacker by mydigitalmind
941416 577728728925682 9616637 N by Alexander-Landerman2 Eurasian nuthatches by WhateverQueen(Sitta europaea) by MentiradeloroWhite-breasted Nuthatch by LeeroyWinston
Kruper's Nuthatch by Jamie-MacArthurWha-wha-wha by Morgan-LouBrown Headed Nuthatch by rctfan2Kleiber (Nuthatch) by Cundrie-la-Surziere
Kleiber by PhantanaturaNuthatch / Sitta europaea by zero-minusSnow under my feet by XanaduPhotographyRed Breasted Nuthatch by sgt-slaughter
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So B&H is holding a photo contest. The winner of the contest gets to go to Africa. There is a judge's choice and a people's choice. The winners of each get to go to Africa.
So I NEED YOUR HELP to win this! Normally I don't do these popularity contests (because I'm anything but popular) but I believe if you share my photos(s) and get your friends to also share, and that their friends share I will get a lot more exposure and a lot more votes. I'm entering the contest kinda late, but it's better late than never.
The goal of this contest is to let my photos speak for themselves and get as many votes as possible. I'm not just tossing up any old picture. It takes me forever to pick a photo for a contest because I have so many AND I don't have an absolute favorite. There are two pictures up for the moment. I don't think I'll add anymore, but they had a category for zoo animals so I had to enter that since that's a huge portion of my photography area. 

Getting the chance to go to Africa would be amazing. I would of course be sharing the pictures with you (they'll take priority over anything else if I get the chance to go). I wouldn't just be looking for the lions and zebras, I want to find as many species as possible (Africa has some awesome looking animals) But at the top of the list would be vultures.
If you guys don't know, the vultures of Africa are in perril. Almost every day it seems I hear of a new poisoning case related to poaching or poisoning the vultures to reclaim the bodies later for medicinal use. Bottom line is that they are vanishing. And I would like to see them in the wild. I would also like to help out. If I can manage to make it over there, there is a place in South Africa called VulPro that rehabilitates and breeds captive vultures for future release. And they do AWESOME work. If I'm not able to volunteer there for a little while I'll be making a donation (they are busting at the seems with vultures in all of their housing areas). 

SO TLDR: I want to go to Africa and I need your help! Vote on my pictures, share this with your friends and get them to vote as well! There's no registration required, just an e-mail address. And Voting is free! And you'll be sending someone who has a strong passion for wildlife and photography to have a moment of a lifetime!

BTW if I lose watches because of me spamming this journal, that's okay! It's not my goal to be the most popular photographer out there. I just want to share the stuff I see and get people to give a damn about the things that are out there.



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Made the trip to urgent care. Doctor thinks it's a pinched nerve (he tested me for the possibility of a clot too). So I'm on anti-inflammatory and steroids.  
I'm kinda worried about the steroids because their side effect is weight gain! That's the last thing I need! I'm attempting to lose weight this year not get more! So I'm going to be pretty conscious about what I'm shoving in my face during the next week....and like the rest of the year. 
I'm watching what I get at fast food places (Wendy's chicken pecan salad is pretty good...but I bet it's not the best...I really just get it for the pecans they're freaking delicious) I've cut out getting fries at said place (they're always cold or over salted anyway) and I really don't drink much, or any soda anymore (the last time I did it was orange soda and it was mostly to get the smell of cow shit out of the air, driving through south central Idaho SUCKS).

Anyway, as soon as I can walk again 1)I'm going outside if it's not super windy and looking for some winter critters and 2) I'm going to start sticking stuff up for sale on the etsy page I have. There will be matted prints that are ready to ship and some of the little creations I've been making with the clay and shrinky dink stuff. 

And I just had my first...half week...of classes!
I'm taking general genetics and plant & seed identification FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! There is also principles of fish and wildlife management and ornithology (which I will rock once we actually get into bird IDs.....) So my highest level class which is ornithology (400) is going to be the easiest class...maybe genetics too (300) But the hardest class is the lowest level! (200!!!) And I know nothing about plants other than they make their own food or eat bugs that fall into their mouth-thingies and that other stuff eats them!
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I must not be allowed to have one year where I'm not in pain.

I don't know what it is, but I think I have a pinched sciatic nerve now. My right leg is in a lot of pain, especially when I'm trying to sleep. And the back is of course sore from walking all lopsided like because of said leg pain. It hurts the most when I stand or walk. Sitting isn't much of an issue... So I guess I get to edit pictures or whatever.

This really sucks because I wanted to start walking every day to hopefully be in enough shape to do more hiking in the spring/summer. 

And of course there is no easy fix for it. Chiropractors scare the hell out of me so I'm not going to see one of those. I guess it's back to being a vegetable and ice & heat packs for a while....

And the spring semester starts Wednesday. I need to go spend too much money on books I'll use like once or twice too.
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