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March 10, 2010
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Homer the sea otter who lived at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium was euthanized today after an exam showed serious medical issues. Homer was believed to be around 25 years old, and the last surviving otter of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.
I'm absolutely heart broken. I have a super soft spot for otters. I'm thankful for all of the chances I've had to visit her, all made possible by my boyfriend. I've had an amazing time watching the 4-5 otters that PDZA has had over the years. Homer is going to be missed. Homer took care of Kaladi and Libby, the two youngest otters when they first arrived at the zoo, and has put up with their animated behavior ever since.
Also thanks to my boyfriend, he noticed that one of my photos of homer looked like one of the 'wise old monkey' poses. I then looked through the rest of the pictures, and found the remaining two poses and patched them together to make this image.

It had to be done.
I must thank :iconcanislupuscorax: for coming up with the said idea first referring to another image that looked like the 'Speak No Evil' frame. I've no idea how long it would take me to consider searching for the other two images.

Out of the hundreds of pictures I had of this otter alone, I managed to capture the 'see no, hear no, and speak no evil' poses.
Newport Aquarium in Oregon had a similar sighting with their otter Aialik.

Sea otter
Enhydra lutris
Taken at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Here's the newest one I was able to obtain with an Oregon ZOo otter [link]
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Very cute. Wonderfully done.
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Thank you! 
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Plus too cute. Lovely captures. :heart:
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I think this is one of my favorite series!
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