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Here's some new pictures~


BnW Animal by DeeOtter
BnW Animal
Day 4: I swear there is an animal in this picture.
BnW Condor by DeeOtter
BnW Condor
Andy N Condor in black and white. He is the resident condor at Tracy Aviary, where he has an adoring fan club and even a facebook page :3

Andean condor
Tracy Aviary
Three toes by DeeOtter
Three toes
The American three-toed woodpecker!
I was not expecting to see one of these while out wandering around! 
It's always worth investigating any knocking you hear while in a forest. Chances are it could be a woodpecker. I was kind of expecting a nuthatch since they're pretty common & I heard one while also hearing the knocking. 
But then, BOOM! There's this guy! 
These guys eat wood-boring a bark beetles, so they'll strip the bark off of trees (like you can see here). That particular branch was nearly naked as were a few higher up branches.

American three-toed woodpecker
BnW Squirrel 2 by DeeOtter
BnW Squirrel 2
Day 2: Squirrel

...I swear this photo was taken today. I just happened to find another squirrel (maybe the same squirrel?) in the same spot as yesterday.

You can even check the metadata :P

I did find something else that I  must share, but I feel like I should keep it in color.
(I have no idea what I'm doing for tomorrow, it's supposed to rain and I don't want to take the camera out into the wet)

Red squirrel
BnW Squirrel by DeeOtter
BnW Squirrel
I have been challenged to this black and white photo 5 day challenge thingy on Facebook.
So I'll post the pictures here too.
The squirrels are out in force gathering and hiding pine cones. I really like the framing on this one.

Red squirrel
Second Update
Dad is out or surgery and recovering. Doctor fixed two discs that were messed up. He should be feeling a lot better soon.

Dad's second blood work came back good, so they scheduled him for surgery today. The first test this morning weren't the best, so they waited until later in the day. Not sure how long the surgery is going to take. 

And thank you everyone for the good wishes! It really means a lot to me! :hug: 

Today (Wednesday) my dad goes in for back surgery. A few weeks ago he screwed up his back (kinda like what I did, twice....) and he has been in tremendous amounts of pain. My mom finally got him drugged up enough to go to the doctor to get some body scans. Turns out he had a herniated disc, so surgery was an option and he'll be going under the knife today.

In all honesty, I was terrified that my dad was going to try and end his life because he was almost at the end of his wits with the back pain. It's literally one of the worst thing that can happen. You cannot move, you are stuck in bed and there's not a lot you can do besides prevent it from happening again if you happen to get better. I'm young enough where I had to suck it up and just try and walk it off. My friends have described my dad as 'Jesus old' because he kinda is, so he can't suck it up and walk it off. I was afraid he'd either over medicate himself, or use the gun that's hanging out in his dresser drawer. Pain makes you do crazy things, especially when it's this bad.
Thankfully that was not the case.
He went through a number of pain pills and they finally found him one that allows him to keep food down and keeps the pain kinda reasonable, but it still hurts. 

It's been driving my mom nuts too because she's trying to find a surgeon who can make room for my dad ASAP. They almost had to settle for surgery at the end of this month. My mom told me that when she was trying to see if there was any way they could do it sooner because he was in a lot of pain, the receptionist had the nerve to say 'Well a lot of other people who are waiting are in a lot of pain too.' in a really snobby voice  I would have fucking punched the receptionist. That would have been my first reaction (Along with a very serious 'Fuck you').

I sent a little care package to my parents, because my dad wanted to see more of my drawings, so I sent along a sketchbook and a few watercolor dragons (I used to draw dragons a lot when I was little). I spaced out on taking pictures of them before sending them off....sooo whoops.

So anyway, TL:DR, my dad is going in for back surgery today, I'm kinda scared because it's not always 100% effective, but I'm really hoping that it is and that he's not in anymore pain.

So if any of you could do, whatever it is you do to wish someone well, (be it either pray, send good vibes, ...just don't sacrifice a chicken, I like chickens) that would be awesome. 
  • Mood: Relief


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
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I'm Deidre! I love taking pictures of animals, nature, landscapes and anything that happens to catch my eye.

My photographic goal at the moment is to hopefully aid wildlife biologists with my photography or become a staff photographer for an accredited, zoo or sanctuary.

My future career plans include first obtaining a biology degree, doing a handful of internships and become a zookeeper at an accredited zoo.
Super long time goal includes starting up a sanctuary.

EVERY SINGLE one of my photos are under Copyright law and belong to me. These photos are not to be re-produced on any other website that is not my registered user name. My photography is also not stock and cannot be used in manipulations or claimed as someone else work. Artists are free to contact me in order to inquire about using pictures as reference.

PLEASE! ASK me first before using my pictures as a reference!

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